iHotUKDeals is an iPhone app for providing an interface with the api of the www.HotUKDeals.com site.

This app is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with HotUKDeals, it merely utilises their publically accessible data API - it did however win 1st place in their recent development contest in the mobile device app category :)

This app has been designed to work on OS 2.0 upwards.
Any problems or questions feel free to email.

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email: support@diddleysoft.com

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iHotUKDeals App Description

In these times of credit-crunches and recession we could all do with, now more than ever, the ability to maximise what we can get for our money and find the best deals and offers. This app is designed to help you do just that.

It has been designed to be incredibly powerful and flexible whilst also being very easy to use.

This app has been designed to complement the HotUKDeals mobile web-site and includes many features that are not available elsewhere.

The app includes five options for text size to cater for both those who want to maximise on-screen deals and those of us who prefer something readable at a glance.

You may also choose to specify that the app refreshes it's display at a set time interval to ensure that you never miss out on that miss-priced item.

This app can be used to store two custom HotUKDeals searches / deal-lists / tabs (My Deals and More Deals) - these two custom searches can also haveĀ  custom names applied to them:

"I wish to name the custom search tabs 'His Deals' and 'Her Deals'" "I wish to name my custom search tabs 'John's Deals' and 'Mary's Deals'"

Additionally it also includes several features not available in simple RSS reader apps:

You may choose to sort the results using any two of four options - including sort by deal temperature!

"show me deals ordered by temperature"

Choose a custom tag to retrieve specific deal types:

"only retrieve deals with a 'games' tag"

Results can be filtered based upon a minimum deal temperature - so you can avoid the deals that are not hot enough!

"show me deals that are above 200 degrees"

Choose to retrieve only deals from a certain category / forum or merchant:

"only show me electrical offers from this specific shop"

Filter the results based upon multiple user defined keywords for both inclusion and exclusion!

"show me PS3 related deals but exclude these shops"

Choose to retrieve online/offline or both types of deal!

"only show me offline deals"

example possibility:

"Show me the top 25 deals sorted by temperature and submission date, that are above 200 degrees from all shops. Include only the vouchers forum and electrical category, whilst excluding the keywords "fridge" or "freezer", and including the keywords "sale" or "reduced". Only include deals tagged with this specific manufacturer that are available online and refresh the deals shown every 15 minutes."

In addition, you can use the quick and easy browse screen at any time to locate the latest deals from specific (or all) categories, forums and merchants. This is great for when you are out and about in town and passing a specific shop.

The search screen allows you to search for items quickly by tag, or even by the text that is in the title and description of the most recent deals!

The help-screen explains all the functions and features that are available via the settings app.

I hope you enjoy using this app and find it useful for finding the best bargains out there and making your money go further.